Half-Priced Scholarships

The membership committee is offering 10 half-priced scholarships per year to those professionals whose agencies don't pay for memberships in professional organizations. The purpose of this scholarship is to offer a reduced membership fee to professionals who have an established career for over 3 years, are motivated for career growth but must pay for their own membership. Candidates must complete an application and meet the criteria identified, including volunteering for a committee, to speak at a chapter event, recruit a new member, or offer some other specified assistance to the chapter.

Who We Are

Our chapter serves members throughout the state of Idaho, from the far reaches of the northern panhandle to the southeastern corner of the state. Our goal is to ensure opportunities for accounting professionals in the government sector to continue to stay up to date on governmental accounting issues.

The Idaho Centennial Chapter is within the Northwest Region of AGA. Our sister chapters are Central Washington, Missouri River (Montana), Northern Nevada, Northern Utah, Northwest Inland Empire, Olympia, and Seattle Chapters.

Our mission is to advance government accountability by serving our members through quality cost efficient education, and fostering professional partnerships.

President's Message

Happy Spring!!!

GROW... The flowers and trees are blooming and so is the Idaho Centennial Chapter! Your mind is a garden; Your thoughts are the seeds; You can grow flowers; Or you can grow weeds.

How can you become an Outstanding Achiever? Daniel Waetjen gave an inspiring presentation at the National Leadership Training in Washington, DC. #1 Believe absolutely and completely in the vision; #2 Commit time, energy and resources to get the job done; #3 Train to have better skills than anyone else; #4 Enjoy the journey; and #5 Be Enthusiastic and have a Positive Attitude. Earl Nightingale said, "Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. We are at our very best and we are the happiest when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy or the journey toward the goal we have established for ourselves".

The Idaho Centennial Chapter has those opportunities this year for you! We encourage you to become involved and reach out to your co-workers to join us each month. Check out the monthly newsletters on what's happening:

Our annual Professional Development Training Conference will be held April 21-22, 2015 at the Riverside Hotel. We have an outstanding program lined up for you including Bill Miller, the National AGA President; Brian Kane from the Idaho Attorney General's Office; Bob Maynard from PERSI; Josh Sears from Freestone Corporate Law; Lee Miller from Eide Bailly; Edith Pacillo from the Idaho Attorney General's Office; Jim Stephens from Sandler Training; and Brandon Woolf, Idaho State Controller. Register now online:

Innovate. Transform. Achieve. If you are looking for a great premier education event, which offers up to 24 CPE hours, where top officials in federal, state and local government as well as academia and the private sector, three and a half days of intensive training and networking, we have the answer! July 12-15, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee - AGA's Professional Development Training has been the "go-to" event for the government accountability community for more than 60 years. To register for this event,


Judy Shock, President

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